RC #1427: The Realm of Manx and Shadow

The Missions:

Missions (by Manx and Shadow, as well as others)

Mission One: The Elf from...Hogwrats?  

In which the agents face their first mission, combating a disgustingly misspelled Sue from the Harry Potter continuum.

Mission Two: Sue be Nimble, Sue be Fast, the PPC's coming to kick your -

In which there is much screaming as the Agents meet up with a tenth-walker Sue from the 21st century.

"That Series" Special: The Cluny Fic

In which Manx and Shadow tackle a Legendary Badfic - the Cluny Fic. Much Bleep-products are consumed.

The Vacation: When Everything Goes Wahoonie-Shaped: 

 In which Manx and Shadow go on a well-deserved vacation. Of course, it goes screwy - thanks a lot, Narrative Laws of Comedy. 

Mission Three: The Tale of Ruggan the Bore

In which there is urple prose. Oh, and a horrible vixen Sue. Beware...

Redd and Jill: Introductions and Insanity

In which a new recruit meets a werewolf elf and kills a Redwall Stu who doesn't seem to have a species. Chaos ensues. 

Things Not Quite Fitting Into The Timeline

PPC Interlude: Aftermath

In which, after the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion, Shadow chases after her psychotic partner.

Ten Years Hence: Still Crazy After All These Years

In which, ten years later (2018, for the mathematically challenged) agent!slash occurs. This seems to follow a trend...

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