RC #1427: The Realm of Manx and Shadow

About the Agents

In RC #1427:


Agent Manx is Caucasian, with curly brownish hair and brown eyes. In short, nothing like me in appearance. Except for being short. Very short. Her personality is more sane (compared to all the other agents, which isn't saying much), bossy and annoying at points, and she gets frustrated easily. You do not want to be around her when she goes berserk, though, or even just slightly angry. Let's just say...certain parts shall be broken that you didn't even know could be broken. She has a soft spot for Neville and thinks he and Luna should get together. However, her lust objects - well, maybe more "object of affection" remain the two sons of Denethor and perhaps Will Turner. But she idolizes Éowyn. Manx's favorite fandoms remain Lord of the Rings and Redwall, but she enjoys Discworld. She is working on learning every swear word in the many languages of fandom, or at least the worthwhile ones. Now she can curse out nearly everyone in all seven continents of the planet, even Antarctica (Emperor penguin doesn't have a very good word for "poop", but she got it anyway) and many other places besides. Dwarvish, both Discworld and Middle-Earth, still puzzles her, but she's getting the hang of it.


There is Shadow. Agent Shadow is Asian (South Korean in fact) and looks exactly like me - very short black hair, black eyes, glasses, but tall - and is slightly more insane than I am. Her going berserk is quite less scary than Manx's, but still vicious. Her insanity is attributed to a lack of Bleepka when she attempted to read the entire Cluny fic in "That Series" in one go, right after the fic "Celebrian" two days before. Needless to say, most of her brain shriveled up and died at that point. She's sane, mostly, on first appearance, but in her sleep she is known to whimper "That's bloody physically impossible! It can't fit in there!" Her lust object is the random guy who died, you know, in that scene in RotK? The one who got that thing stuck in him, that...oh, whatever. Shadow does, however, have a strong admiring love for Aragorn. She also mildly admires Sam, in a quiet, purely platonic way. Her favorite fandoms are Maximum Ride and Lord of the Rings.

 Uskarat is Shadow's mini-Deepcoiler, adopted from the Official Fanfiction University of Redwall.

The two agents have an interesting system to combat each other's sanity/insanity. When Manx goes berserk, Shadow becomes rational. When Manx is calm, Shadow starts saying "Mister Jelly! Mister Jelly!" and sings the Hedgehog Song. It's a perfect balance, sometimes upset by...

In RC #1214:


Agent X. Agent X is a different matter entirely. She’s tall and moves in a way that puts you in mind of a predatory black flamingo. That sentence alone should tell you of her idolization of the Discworld series. Her name has caused much puzzlement, but don’t ask what the X stands for. (It’s Xavier – her parents sort of wanted a boy.) She is committed to ridding the world of Sues, even mild ones, and has filed her teeth to points so she can tear out their throats. She is so psychotic that even when she kills Sues before she reads the charges to their twitching bodies, the Flowers are too scared to fire her, much less talk to her.


Agent X's partner is Agent Arya Dragon. A Sue'd version of Arya from an Eragon Suefic, she was given the Super L33t Sue Powa of transforming into a vaguely humanoid dragon at will. She is a pyromanaic and can torch things very effectively. When in human form, she has black straight hair and black eyes, pale skin, and pointed elf ears. In dragon form, she's six feet tall and has dark red scales.

 In RC #8264


 Jill Greenleaf: Kind of random fourteen-year-old, spawn of a Mary Sue and Legolas Thranduilion (note last name, her mother thought Legolas's last name was Greenleaf, hence Jill's irritating surname). Agent X, when she was doing solo missions a little while ago, killed her mother (but no love was lost, in the original fic Jill was supposed to betray good ol' Mom anyway) and brought her to PPC Headquarters. Shuffled around department divisions at the start, she finally settled for running between Discworld, PotC, and Redwall. She's a crack shot with most projectile weapons, since her mother was also of the impression that being good at archery was a genetic trait of elves. Oh, and she's a werewolf. Which definitely dampens any social relationship she has.