RC #1427: The Realm of Manx and Shadow

Welcome to the land where Floaters say "WTF?"...

[The door, a sign tacked on reading RC #1427 in green Sharpie, opens on a gray, four-walled room. Posters are taped up, almost obscuring the dull gray paint: The Lord of the Rings, The Golden Compass, the East Village Opera Company. Also on the walls are many weapons: bows, swords, quivers of arrows, all hanging from small metal screws. A large unicorn skin, complete with glassy-eyed head and horn, is hung up above the lumpy navy blue couch on the back wall, covered in squashy cushions. Two cots, looking just as lumpy as the couch, sit against opposite walls. One has a blue blanket emblazoned with luridly colored cats, and a light-and dark-blue checked pillow, the other a pale green blanket and a white pillow. Both are messy and disorganized, looking as though they've been unmade for centuries.

A large red armchair sits in a back corner next to the blue-covered bed, surrounded - and sometimes covered - by stacks and piles of books, magazines, graphic novels and comic books. The books are mostly fantasy novels, including most of Tolkien's works, Garth Nix's Abhorsen series, the Harry Potter books, Redwall, Philip Pullman's novels, and Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series. The magazines are old National Geographics, the graphic novels Bone, and the comics Calvin and Hobbes and even some Peanuts collections, as well. A laptop hums on the top of a hardback copy of Salamandastron, displaying Fanfiction.Net's home page. In another corner near the front, a large computer-like console sits, and in yet another corner is a Star Trek-esque food replicator next to a glass-fronted drinks cabinet. In a tank next to the green-and-white cot is what appears to be a miniature Loch Ness monster. Written on tape on the side is the name "Uskarat".

Sitting below the unicorn pelt on the couch are two girls. One is short and Caucasian with wavy brown-blond hair and grayish-green eyes. She wears blue-gray cargo pants and a green t-shirt reading "Property of E.V.O.C" in stencil letters around a red squarish cross with "10003" printed across the horizontal axis. She's reading The Well of Lost Plots ferociously, Sabriel and Mossflower stacked beside her, eyes flicking back and forth as she chews her lip in concentration. Sitting next to her is a slightly taller South Korean teenager, with short black hair and glasses. She wears blue jeans and a black t-shirt saying "I Do Whatever the Voices in my Head Tell Me To Do" in white. Both have a badge emblazoned with a five-petaled white waterlily stitched to their left sleeve. She's listening to her iPod, humming along to something that, as you draw nearer, sounds rather like "I think I'll try defying gravity, and you can't pull me down..."

The brown-haired girl notices you first, and puts down her book. ]

"Hi," she says. "Want some Super Kill You Die drink?" Without waiting for an answer, she runs to the drinks cabinet and pulls out a large bottle filled with a black liquid that goes gloop. As she takes several swigs, the other girl - named Shadow - whispers to you, "Don't worry. Manx's been like this since that fiasco with whats-her-name, Vearanniel."

Manx finishes off the bottle and jumps back on the couch. "Um. Sorry. Uh, welcome to RC #1427. Nice of you to drop by. This is where we can be found when we're not on missions, reading and writing and regaining our lost brain cells."

"Not that we had any to begin with," Shadow cuts in, grinning broadly.

Manx ignores her, adding, "We're agents of the PPC, Protectors of the Plot Continuum, Floater Division. We kill Sues." She gives you a very nice, albeit offputting, smile.

"Agent X and Agent Arya Dragon stop by sometimes," she continues. "If you want them, they're right there." She jabs a finger towards the console in the corner, which now displays a large glowing blue archway.

"Our mission log is here - " Shadow points to the laptop - "and our MST's are there as well."

They stand up as if to leave, when a sound rips through the air.



A/N: Yeeee...ah. If you haven't run away screaming by this point, great! (Now's the time to do so...RUN!) (Shut up, Shadow.) Ahem. Anyway, this site will be mostly used for a place to keep my PPC missions and MSTs. My random ramblings are here and my other fanfictions are here.